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Road Map

Key Mortgage Services, Inc. understands the journey to home ownership can be daunting. Questions at every turn of the process may present roadblocks, will I qualify, how much should I save, what should my credit score be? We have a roadmap to help you fulfill your dreams and put you on the right path to home ownership. Regardless of the color, size, shape of your dreams, we can help you put this goal within reach.
Our homeownership experts will guide your through the step by step process giving you valuable tools and checklists to put you on the path to ownership.
Our homeownership expert will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, issues that may be holding you back and how to employ the resources and steps needed to help you achieve homeownership, whether you are looking to buy now or in 5 years.
• Homeownership experts show you how to take control of your dreams and make them a reality.
• We will help put you in control of your finances and give you the knowledge to come out on top of today’s housing market.
• Our homeownership experts will provide you simple practical tools that help you measure your readiness to buy and we will let you know when the time is right. 
1. Meet with a Key Mortgage Homeownership Expert when you are ready to start planning or make a home purchase.
2. Review finances and other decisions that factor into purchasing a home.

3. Determine your roadmap readiness based on your Homeownership Within Reach Gauge
4. Using the gauge levels on your Within Reach Gauge the Key Mortgage Homeownership Expert will guide you in using resources to address any roadblocks.
5. Employ resources to remove roadblocks and challenges.
6. Every 45 days, your personal Key Mortgage Homeownership Expert will contact you for an update, following the review; the expert will reset your Within Reach Gauge to reflect your progress.
7. You and your personal Key Mortgage Homeownership Expert will repeat the check-up process as often as necessary for you to get to a position to be ready to buy.
8. Ownership.



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